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The world of work has changed. The tools too.

The world of work is changing, and our IP telephony tools are adapting to this new reality. Our technology is specifically designed to increase productivity and facilitate remote management.

Opt for a solution that meets your needs and increases productivity, while allowing your business to remain competitive in a constantly changing market.

Teleworking, a practice that has become famous

According to a study conducted by Harvard University, teleworking, adopted by 30 to 40% of employees, significantly improves performance compared to full-time employment in the office.

This practice, which is gaining popularity, not only offers better flexibility, but also contributes to increased productivity, thereby revolutionizing traditional ways of working.

Optimized communication equals: + income for a business!

Make a wise choice today by opting for our multi-site business IP phone systems. This advanced solution maximizes your communication, thereby directly increasing your revenue.

Drive your performance to the top and get a head start on the competition by improving the efficiency of your internal and external exchanges.

Maximize your communications with 3CX

Discover our expertise in multi-site IP telephony systems for businesses. Improve the productivity and efficiency of your teams with fluid and unified communication. Take advantage of our advanced VoIP solution to transform your work environment.

About our team at UC365

At Unified Communications 365, our passion is to improve your communication performance. With more than 35 years of experience, we work closely to identify your needs and achieve your objectives. Our tailor-made solutions, anchored in integrity, respect, and passion, aim to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Let us guide you with our proactive vision and evolving mission, offering you innovative and superior services, from Quebec to certain regions of Ontario. Together, let’s develop a relationship based on trust and excellence.

Our mission

Optimize your business with telecommunications updates. IP telephony, videoconferencing, fast Internet, and unified communications boost performance and efficiency.

Our vision

We aim to anticipate and proactively adapt to future requirements, by implementing sustainable solutions and equipment. This ensures rock-solid scalability for your communications infrastructure.

Our work

We are committed to providing world-class workmanship and technical support, ensuring that your business benefits from a communications system that is both reliable and highly efficient.

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