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Explore our full range of telecommunications services, designed to optimize the connectivity and efficiency of your business.

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At UC365, we offer a full range of services to meet all your communications needs. Whether you are looking for IP telephony solutions, reliable connections and channels, efficient network infrastructure, advanced communications services or reseller support, our solutions are designed to optimize your efficiency and strengthen your competitiveness. Discover how our offerings can transform your operations and improve your overall performance.

IP telephony

Discover our IP telephony solutions, suitable for businesses of all sizes and homes, integrating telephony, videoconferencing, SMS and more, for efficient and economical communications.


Ensure the performance and stability of your network with our design, configuration, monitoring and investigation services for your infrastructure. We guarantee optimal operation and increased responsiveness.

Connections & Channels

Optimize your infrastructure with our internet connection and SIP channel solutions, including virtual fax. Benefit from reliable and flexible services to meet all your communication needs.

Advanced communications services

Automate and improve your customer interactions with our advanced solutions, including Call Burner, CRM integration and call center dashboards. Simplify and optimize your communications.

Reseller support and solutions

Take advantage of our diversified offering, profitability and dedicated support for resellers. UC365 maximizes your success and credibility with competitive solutions and customer service recognized for excellence.

Reinvent your phone system

Adopt our IP telephony solution to transform your business communications. Whether you need a single system or a multi-site telephony solution, UC365 offers you high-quality calls, increased flexibility and significant savings. Take the next step by contacting us today!

IP telephony

3CX hosted IP telephony system

Our unified communications solutions integrate telephony, video conferencing, SMS and live chat. Ideal for multi-site businesses like car dealerships and call centers.

IP telephony system

Designed for small businesses looking to reduce costs while using software that is intuitive and easy to manage. Simplify your business telephony with our IP solution.

Residential IP telephony

Take advantage of a low-cost residential telephone line with voicemail, email and display. Ideal for households looking for an economical and efficient telephone solution.

Connections & Channels

Analog line

Perfect for elevators, faxes or analog telephone lines in businesses. A reliable and indispensable solution for your specific analog needs.

Internet links

We offer SD-WAN, redundancy and dedicated fiber solutions to ensure a stable, high-performance Internet connection for your business.

SIP channels /minutes

Buy IP telephony channels billed by the minute. Ideal for businesses looking for flexibility and pricing adapted to their use.

Non-expandable SIP channels

Treat yourself to unlimited IP telephony channels for Canada and the United States without the possibility of overflow. A fixed solution for constant communications.

Expandable SIP channels /min

Benefit from unlimited IP telephony channels with overflow billed by the minute. Ideal for businesses with fluctuating communication needs.

Virtual fax

Send and receive faxes via your email with our virtual fax service. Simplify your communications by eliminating the need for dedicated physical hardware.

Transform your business communication

Ready to take it to the next level? UC365 offers telecommunications solutions that perfectly fit your business needs, from IP telephony to unified communications. Contact us to find out how we can help you optimize your communications and increase your productivity.


Network architecture

We design the architecture of your network infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and scalability adapted to your future needs.

Equipment configuration

Optimize your performance with professional configuration of all your network equipment. We ensure precise and efficient installation.

Network monitoring

Our monitoring agent keeps your network infrastructure running smoothly, detecting and resolving issues before they impact your business.


Are you experiencing a network problem? We investigate to identify the source, whether it is your Internet provider, your equipment or your configuration.

Advanced communications services

Call burner SMS

Confirm your appointments, launch marketing campaigns or send alerts to your customers via SMS. A powerful tool to stay connected.

Call burner

Automate your calls to confirm appointments, organize marketing campaigns, invite to special events or make payment reminders. And much more.

CRM integration

Easily integrate our solution with your CRM for smooth management of your customer communications. Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction by centralizing all your interactions.

Call center dashboards

Monitor and analyze your call center performance with interactive dashboards. Get real-time insights to optimize your operations and improve customer satisfaction.

Reseller support and solutions

Reseller support

We provide comprehensive reseller support, providing technical and sales assistance to maximize the success of you and your customers.

Diversified and enriched offer

By adding UC365 to your portfolio, diversify your services to better meet the needs of your customers. Our solutions integrate easily, offering a complete and competitive offer.

Profitability and confidence

With UC365, benefit from advantageous margins and regular incentives. Join a brand known for its reliability and excellence in customer service, strengthening your credibility.

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